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Correct non of the iSonic have tail Kick but can notice also they are also the much narrow in the tail wet surface.This replace in better way the tail kick, on top of that tail kick who can be perfect on proto can be a disaster in production. If my perfect proto had for example 3mm tail kick in production he can be 0 to 5 or 6 mm and this have very negative effect on the board. so since some years I eliminate progressively completely tail kick on all iSonic but not only. It make me work in different way and play a lot with outline and tuck like to find the perfect balance.Basically better to play with this than tail kick to fix the rocker.
hope this help and let us know after your test what you feel about them.
Have fun
All the best
Dear Remi,

Thanks for the reaction. So actually you can't entirely design/make an ultimate board because of the limitations of the production proces.

That makes me curious. If you didn't had these limitations and it would be possible to ad some tailkick..........would you do it in the 107 & 130, having in mind that the rest stays the same?

This weekend there is some wind predicted............really curious what speeds they achieve.


Greetings from they other side of the world.....
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