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Default Isonic W58 as highwind slalom and Is 110 with 9.5

Hi !
Got Isonic 97 and 127carbon from 2011, just got the Is 110 2013 carbon, only tried it once with a 7.9 and its amazing. Really fast and gybes a lot better than the 127.
Was thinking of selling the 97 and get a W58 for slalom and gps speed with 7.9 and 6.7 sails or i should sell the 127 and use the 9.5 on the 110?

Is the w58 as controllable as the 97 in heavy chop and waves when powered on a 6.7?

I'm 85kg and has 9.5 7.9 6.7 and 6.0 vapors i sail in costal conditions with chop and almost always with weed fins.

Weed fins are not good for big boards and sails. So i loose a lot of lightwind performance on the 127.

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