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Default 2013 Futura 131

I would like to buy a 2013 Futura 121(lts) but unfortunately only the 131(lts) CARBON model is available. So I am worried whether it is the right board for me.

I weight 80(kgs) mainly sailing at long distance events. The peculiarity of these windsurfing sessions is the wide wind range. You can start with a light breeze (10-12 knots) and during the open sea part chops and (22-28 knots) can be faced. The most common sail I use is a 2-cams 7.8 freerace sail. Another issue is the upwind performance and I hope my new Futura to go deep into the wind.

A Futura 131 is definitely a stable platform when wind drops. But is it possible for a 80kgs to have a controllable session when wind raises (20-25 knots).

Thank you !
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