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Default RE: Foot Strap Positioning

Hey Roger,

well that F-148 is really starting to shine now! Tonight we finally got nice steady winds of about 8-12 knots. I joined a friend who had a 2006 V8 10.6/Starboard formula 2003 amd me with the RS-S 10m/Starboard F-148. We raced upwind and downwind about a mile distance with friends on lasers.It was fun as now I could finally make the sail power up nicely and downhaul the sail with some good twist. I tightened up the footstraps a little so I could set me feet more securely and on the rail a bit more.

Even with the smaller 56 fin I could point very well, just a tad better with similar speed and by making tacks in the puffs I reached our top mark well ahead. However on the way down I just couldn't go as deep or fast. I am new at formula gear, plus his board is wider with deeper fin. I think my better pointing could be the finer profile of the RS-S over the V8 perhaps? Maybe the fuller V8 makes gains on the way back down?

Anyway it was good fun and now I understand the fun Formula can be. I plan to get a slightly bigger fin and hope this could make a better advantage in the lulls and off the wind. I do think a 60cm fin like what it came with would be pretty much perfect.
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