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Lightbulb Update

Hi Everyone!

I had some more days of sailing on my quad and I would like to share my experiences.

Twinser setup:

I was keen on trying the Quad 92 as a twinser, just to see how it would compare to the twisers I sailed before. As i could not get the original Starboard twin fins (16cm suggested) i decided to hook myself up with a set of Maui Ultra Fins (16.5cm) and give it a go. If you're concidering to go for this setup: don't!
I expected this setup to be faster and more suited for bump and jump, onshore kind of conditions. But the Board was planing a lot later and i had a hard time going upwind. The board of cause becomes super loose and the fins can be pushed away very easily. Maybe it would work better in powered up conditions with a playfull not to steep wave. Or the surface of the Starboard fins is bigger and the MUF was underfinned.

Onshore Setup (big fins in front):

I would highly recommend to try this to anyone who owns a quad! I used this setup in small onshore waves (up to 1m)
In a straight line the board feels kind of like a freestyleboard. Very lifely and exiting. It does not become slower though. So if you have to accelerate towards a ramp, no problem. If you place the back fins close to the front of the box, you get a lot of release but with a bit more control than in the twinser setup offers. The board also is very very easy to pop in case you like to throw a freestyle trick (spock, flaka etc.)
And of cause you can do really tight frontside turns and snappy cutbacks.

Hope you enjoyed reading (I'm sorry for any eventual grammar mistakes)

Aloha & goodbye
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