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Smile Hi,

Just sold my FU 141 and bought a IS 137. Still want to upgrade my FU 122 (2009), must be around 75 cm width so maybe FU 131 or IS 110 (2014).

Could anyone tell which handle chop best in 5-/5+ Bft (with NP rs:slalom 7.8/6.7 m2), FU 131 or IS 110 ??? Which is easier sailing ?

Both boards are same width and the 2014 cut away shapes looks also similair. Are the differences between the FU 131 and IS 110 very big or not ???

Of course the FU 131 has 20 lt. more volume. I understood from tests that the FU 131 flies very good over chops in windy conditions.

Thanks for any reply !
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