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Default iS 107 or iS 110 for me?

Hi Remi

Congrats for a great line up this year but I have to say this 107 vs 110 choice is now more confusing than ever. I am 70kg and want a board which I will use only with a 7.8 NP Racing sail (11-18 knots on flat to choppy water). I already have a 2013 iSonic 97 as my main board for my NP 7.0 & 6.4 racing sails. And I know your recommendation will be the 110 for me but the 75cm width scares me somewhat and I think at 16-18 knots I will get bounced around a lot. To be honest I think an RRD 114 (70cm width but with extra volume) would be the perfect board for me (and correct me if I'm wrong but the extra volume over the iS 110 would make it plane pretty much the same and at 70cm wide I would have more control). But I have been a Starboard man for 7 years now and I'm a bit addicted to the brand. What do you say?


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