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"Hi Kapten k. I think I don't agree with you buddy. You mean to tell me that if 2 guys weighing lets say 80 kg each and both on the same sail size say 7.8 one is on a 110 lts 75cm width and the other is on a 130 lts 70cm width. You think the guy on the 100 ltr board is going to plane earlier?? Cause I don't."

When you compare like that, you often compare to an old board that has a much longer waterline, and it might plane earlier but will be slower when planing.

"and kapten k even think about this. 2 identical boards both width 75cm but one 120 ltr the other 110 ltr which one you think would plane earliest everything else as per my previous post. According to your post both boards will plane at the same time to which I don't agree."

If you know how to pump your sail there wont be any difference in planing, and you will lose control sooner with the 120l board.

I can compare my
vivace carbon from -97 53x279 96litre
manta 54 2008 54x234 74litre
isonic carbon 2011 63x234 97litre
all boards has the same weight! (5.7kg) and the vivace planes sooner than the manta , but is a lot slower to accellerate in a gust! The isonic blows the other out of the water and is faster on all points of sail, except in +30knots of wind where i have more control on a 74litre board.
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