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Question Starboard Element Fins?

I bought a 2013 Starboard Element SUP from this summer as my allround SUP. Boylo's are also really into their K4Fins and convinced me on getting a set for the board. Thing is though, their rear fins only go up to 17cm and the one from Starboard is 19cm. The fins i'm buying are on their website: I was thinking therefore of putting the 14cm K4 side fins in, replacing the 12cm from Starboard, to balance things out. But a friend is telling me whilst this will work great in the waves it won't be good for simply cruising like the bigger rear fin smaller sides. Should I just adopt a full thruster set up with 16cm for all the fins and love it in the waves, or go for the 17 rear and 14 sides as the all round compromise?
Your advice and thoughts would be SO appreciated!
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