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Default any user feedback on Isonic 110??

I know this topic has been covered in a few posts before but I am yet another Isonic user looking for some help deciding whether to buy an Isonic 110!

I have the Isonic 107 Isonic 122 (2008 model) and Isonic 127 mainly using race sails from 6.3 to 8.5. Unlike slalom racers I do not sail overpowered and when it gets anything in excess of c 24 knots I would be using FSW boards rather than slalom. I weight 78kgs. My sailing location gets pretty choppy in 6.3 and upper end of 7m conditions.

I use 7.8/ 8.5 with the 127 and 6.3/7.0 with the 107. The 122 is used mostly as a step up with 7m if the wind is inconsistent or marginal, or a step down with a 7.8 if conditions get too lumpy for the 127.

This year the 122 seems to have been used a lot due to very changeable winds and I have been very impressed with it despite its age. The 2008 model of the 122 is in fact 114 litres according to ISAF.

OK so the issue is that I want to update the 122 and if I could buy the same board new...I would! So the question is, do I go for a 110, and if so does anyone have any experience of how it would compare with my 122?

( p.s. I only use the Wood versions)

Thanks for any advice.
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