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Default Another 110 question I'm Afraid!

My use of the Isonic range is not really in line with the general comments I find on this forum especially in terms of sail size.......I typically use one size smaller than is talked about here throughout. This is probably because I am somewhat lighter at 78kgs than the "big" slalom racers, I do not race, and I prefer to sail well powered rather than overpowered.......and I am getting old! I also use North RAMs rather than the full race Warps.

At the moment I use sails from 6.3 to 8.5 on the 107 and 127 but also have an older ( 2008) 122 which is used a step up/down for both boards. My question is that I want to update the 122 and am not sure whether it will fulfil the same role that I currently use my 122 for. Typical step up ( board size) is when conditions get a bit light for the 7m on my 107, or step down when water conditions get too lumpy for the 7.8 on my 127. The wind has been so variable this year that the 122 has seen quite a bit of use...and it is always far easier to swop boards than rig another sail.

So it boils down to a direct comparison between the 110 and my old 122...say with a 7m semi race sail.
My alternative would be to find a 2012 117 ( 75cm wide) from somewhere.

ps...similar post put in the free forum
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