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Default How to repair crack on iSonic 2011

Last week I bought a used 2011 iSonic. I checked the board for damages and wether it has got soft or not. All looked ok, but then 2 days later I noticed a crack! I feel really stupid now, because it is quite obvious:

I stood on the left and right side of the crack and it seems to me, that it is just the top layer of the sandwich, which got apart. The weight with footstraps is around 6.6-6.7kg, so I assume there is no water inside.

I read that the 2011 models use UD Carbon 80 and 60g glass. How would you fix that? Do I have to take off/grind off about 5 cm on each side of the crack and then laminate 1 or 2 layers of 60g glass fiber (10cm wide) on top of it? I read that it should not be stronger after the fix to avoid hard spots.

So basically I just want to ask how you would fix that.

Thanks a lot and greetings,
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