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Carlos Lopes
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Cool Coming back to Windsurf - iSonic 122l wide OR Formula Experience?

Hi All,

I am out of windsurfing since 2010 due to anterior cruciate ligament lesion that got me really depressive and got me to quit all kinds of physical activity. However, I missed a lot then windsurfing experience and I decided to be back.

My question is - I want to buy a new board to get back (before I got two board, one starboard fish 2003 and a iSonic 111 2008 if I am not mistaken - then iSonic I've sold when I got the knee lesion) and I would like a board that allow me to have the most time possible with planning conditions (light wind and medium wind). I've 5.1, 6.0 and 7.5 sails from NorthSails.

I have two options - one is a iSonic 122 wide and the other a Formula Experience. The iSonic is about 3 years old and the Formula Experience is brand new. Both of them almost the same price (USD200.00 difference - the iSonic is cheaper).

Any ideas? Which of them would make me plan easier and in light winds with the 7.5 sail?
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