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Default Isonic 110

Thanks Remi.....I have bought a 110 ( new but 2013 model not 2014). No chance to use it yet but impressed by what I can see. The entire shape looks very well balanced. Volume looks more evenly distributed rather than most of it being behind the mast foot, the deck concave is better shaped than the 107 ( which often feels like you have put your foot in a hole if you venture too inboard of the rail on the gybe footchange!), and the more narrow tail suggest gybing will be a lot more dynamic than the 122 and probably comparable to the 107. I really look forward to getting it wet and reckon during the summer at least it could well become the first board out of the van.

I will hold on to my 107 for rougher water/stronger winds, at least for the time being.........maybe change it for a smaller board if I find it is not getting used!
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