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Default Older or newer Isonic

Over the past 2 seasons, I have been getting back into racing after a 15 year break. Nice to see that I am still pretty competetive, so next year I want to do some more serious racing

I have been using a mix an match set of boards and a mixture of North WARP F10 and RAM F10

I have now bought a complete set (6.3, 7.0, 7.8, 8.6 and 9.6) of North WARP F2013, so now looking at boards

I currently have an 2009 Isonic 101, which I bought to replace a 2008 Falcon 105 and Exocet Warp 62. My next board is a Mistral Slalom AB 123, which is 75 wide - This used to take my WARP 9.0, but wouldn't carry speed through the gybe - It is better on my new WARP 8.6 but still hard coming out of the gybe with good speed.

I am trying to work out the best thing to do - I can buy, at a reasonable price, a 2009 Isonic 133, which is 85cm wide - I think that this would be ideal on the 8.6 and 9.6m sails. Could I then get rid of my Mistral and go straight from the 133 to the 101 with the 7.8m?

Alternatively, would I be better off with the 2010 Isonic 131, which is a little narrower than the 133.

In real terms, how much difference is there between a 2009 133 and a 2013 127?

In an ideal world, I would go with newer boards, but the financial reality is that I need to make a compromise

Also, anyone got any view of the Mistral AB 123 - I have been using this for 2 years and I have been pretty happy with it, it gybes really well, however, I am a little slower on the GPS, relative to Pro Sailors on 2013 boards with 2013 Sails, however, that may be down to my skill and older sails. However, At a recent event, one of the Pro Sailors suggested that the Mistral is just not quick enough - anyone agree? If so would I be better changing the Mistral for an Isonic between the 133 and 101 (a 111 possibly?)
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