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Default Is111 2007 Vs 2010

I am looking at a couple of Isonic 111 - a 2007 and 2010 board. When I look at the Specs, the boards seem very similar. Both boards are in good condition, the 2010 is pretty much unused

I have a 2009 Is133 and a 2009 Is101 and a Mistral Slalom AB123. I will be racing next year, the Mistral and the Is133 are too close together. I have been advised that an Is111 would be ideal board between the 133 and 101

I need to do one of the following

1. Keep the Mistral and replace with a 2013 Is110 next year

2. Replace the Mistral with a 2007 Is111 and replace with newer Is110 next year

3. Replace the Mistral with the 2010 Is111 and swap out all 3 boards over the next couple of years
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