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Default Fin for Is133, Is110 and Is101

What fin do you recommend for slalom racing with an 8.6 and 9.6 on an Is133

I currently have the 52cm Drake, supplied with the board and a Select S12 47cm
I am thinking about a Select Vmax 49cm or would I be better with a Select S1 49 or 51cm

In general I prefer the Select S12's to the Drakes supplied with Isonics - anyone got any views about the 52cm Drake

I am about to buy an Is110, I already have a Deboichet SL4 40cm and Select S12 43cm. I hear that he Isonics go better with a powerful fin like the Select rather than the SL4

For my Is101 I have the SL4 40cm (to use with 7.8) and Select S12 37cm, is it worth getting a 35cm VMAX or S1

I weigh 85 Kgs

Anyone know how to register for this forum?
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