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Default Fin for is 133

I can only comment on the 133........just bought the 110 but no chance to try it yet!

I found the 52 Drake OK in flat water and with a 8.5. It pins the board very flat in the water so if conditions get a bit rough it can be a little hairy! I also found it overpowers the board fairly quickly if the wind picks up and it gets increasingly difficult to do anything other than hammer upwind! I mostly used a 49 Select s12 which provided plenty enough power for 8/8.5 and would continue being controllable in rougher water and if the wind picked up. I never used anything over 8.5 and I am a 78 kg so a 50cm Select may be better for 9/9.5. It seemed to me that using the hull shape of the 133 ( 2 planning flats) was more effective in terms of early planning than pushing off the fin and a smaller fin helps to improve gybing the beast. I also sailed the 133 occasionally with a 7m on a 46cm Choco fireblade.
I have a 41cm Select S1 for my 110 which I expect to be its main fin but with Select 39 and 41 s11/s12s as options.
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