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Yes I have opted for the 110 as well but no chance to try it yet. Just looking over it however I am confident it will do everything the 122 did and more. Afer all my 122 was only 114 litres and the 110 is apparently exactly 110 litres. The 2 boards have the same max width and the volume difference is probably little more than the increased deck concave and probably a bit less in the tail.
I was interested in the following design elements
1. the tail is narrower than the 107 ( and of course the 122) but the volume seems to be more evenly distributed throughout the board rather than the more familiar Isonic bias of volume towards the back of the board
2. The rails look less full on compared to the 107 ( the whole board looks thinner) and the deck concave does not seem as extreme.
3. The hull bottom has the same shape as the 127....and I always find that board sails flatter than the 107.
4. One thing I did find curious was the difference in footstrap plug width ( i.e footstrap width) of the front plugs and back plugs.......and the back plug distance difference to my 127!

Overall based on all of that I would expect the 110 to be more exciting to gybe than the 122, able to cope with stronger winds and rougher water than the 122. Sailed like the 127 I would expect it to have the same early planning performance as the 122 ( i.e using the hull shape rather than pushing off the fin). Can't wait to try it!!
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