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What would I be using?

The Overdrive. I got some for a photoshoot earlier in the year and sailed them a bunch in over/underpowered conditions. There is almost zero difference in top end speed compared to the Reflex. The difference is in the gybing - the race sails you can even accelerate out of the gybes ... with less cams you just slightly depower (not that much though, but enough that you'd get killed on the PWA).

That being said the race sails are quite specific on tuning, the Overdrives you don't have to worry as much to get the downhaul to the mm correct...they are just more forgiving sails and less hassle (less things to break), easier to rig etc etc etc...

All that being said... this year I bought myself an NCX 7.5m thinking it would just be a fun sail to have in the kitty for friends to use and fun trips. Literally have been sailing the thing every single day in anything from 10-30 knots. Sooooooooo much fun! Nearly as fast as the cammed sail (slower in the gybes and doesn't go downwind very well at all) but it's actually made windsurfing super fun and easy again! I think I'll be sailing no-cams as much as possible when I'm not tuning my racing kit! haha.
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