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kapten k
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I have the Isonic 127 (2011) 110 (2013) 97(2011) All in carbon
I like them all, the 110 and 127 feels quite similar. And the 97 feels more like a classic slalom board. Since i just got the 110 i have only sailed it once. but it felt superfast with 7.9
I live in south of sweden where there is is alot of weed so i almost always need a weed fin. which is a disaster for big board and sails, since you get very little lift with a weed fin. So sailing underpowerd is not fun, because it makes the board stick to the water.

Since i had a crossover with 7.9 from 127 to 97 i got the 110. The 97 is not good with 7.9 and weed fin, But its really amazing with 6.7. the board is super-controllable in chop and easy to jibe. Im selling the 97 and getting a Is90 2014 to have less overlap from the 110.
The 127 is really fast for being such a wide board. It has done 30knots for me on open water with a 9.5 and felt like i wanted a lot more, but i dont have the weight or strength to do it. (83kg) Its easy to get on the fin by moving the mastfoot back 2cm from the mid point. Further back and i start to loose control.

The key to make them go is the fin and the trim.. as all other boards i guess.
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