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My sail last week on the Is101 was one of those days that everything goes right. I love sailing powered up on a 6.3m which is a great start. My gybing is pretty good, but I have been missing that final little bit…. Until Sunday, my gybing was almost perfect, in fact I could put the sail wherever I wanted, laying it down so low that the mast tip was in the water, then coming out of the gybe at full speed.
I have been thinking about what the difference is, undoubtedly a lot is due to my new 2013 North WARP: it rotates so well and generates so much power out of the gybe and is so controllable and stable, even when maxed out. The other factor is the board, this is what I think:
I am comparing Gybing the Is101 with the 2008 Fanatic Falcon 105 (The Is101 is actually 97L, so a fair bit smaller than the Falcon). The Is101 is really adjustable in the gybe, changing the arc is natural, unlike the falcon which once turning seems to maintain the same radius (not sure that this makes sense). With the Falcon, timing need to be absolutely perfect, flip the rig a fraction of a second too early or too late and you will compromise the exit speed, on the Isonic, if you get the timing a little wrong you seem to be able to adjust the arc to compensate and have far less impact on the exit speed.
The fin was another differentiating factor. The Is101 was really comfortable on my Choco Fireblade 3 34cm. I cannot sail the Fanatic on this fin as it spins out all the time – Is this due to the narrower width of the Isonic (64cm Vs 66cm), or is the Isonic a little more forgiving on the fin than the Fanatic?
Regarding comments about the fin for my Is110, I think that I have a bit of a gap here, My 43cm Select S12 was too big and my Deboichet SL3 40cm was a little small. I think that I need a 41 or 42cm fin with a little bit of a finer profile than the Select, but more powerful than the SL3. I may hold onto the SL3 for downwind slalom and speed.
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