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Default Freeride 12'2" performance

Hi Remi,

Well Santa delivered me a 12'2 Freeride WindSUP for Christmas and have managed a couple of sailing sessions on it so far and clocked up about 80km, was out and planing while the kite boarders sat on the beach this morning.

Definitely ticks the box on early planing and perfect for those summer breezes.

I have a question on its top end though. Whilst the board got up and going as expected, once the wind picked up an extra 5 knots over the planning threshold I couldn't seem to extract much extra speed. Other windsups I have (which aren't early planing) I can generally get up to 25-26knots. Obviously the 12'2 has a different design paradigm with early planing as a focus, what sort of top end can I expect from it though, or does it more or less "top out" a bit above its planing threshold?

I'm 100kgs and using a 8.0 HSM SuperFreak Ultralight sail and 28cm Lessacher weed fin. Sailing on and off for 30 years, advanced intermediate.
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