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An interesting comparisson with Is101 and Is133

Boxing day was sunny, with light winds 10 to 15kts so a good day to try the Is133 in light winds with the 9.6m sail

The Is133 seems to have no "intermediate" planning stage, it is either non planing or full on in the straps planing, with nothing in between, this does give the impression that it is slow onto the plane.... that it is until you notice that no other windsurfers are moving and the kites are really struggling, so maybe it is not too bad. The other interesting feature is the speed - When I got home, I was sailing at over 25kts on every broad run, with a peak spead of almost 27kts - this is using a 9.6 on an 85 cm wide board and 49cm fin in very little wind.

I was really impressed with my new Select Vmax 49cm, this suits the board brilliantly.

Gybing is still difficult to maintain good speed, although I am getting better

Next day, what a contrast, wind was constant 35kts gusting 52kts, flat water in Portland, however, wind was at 90 degrees to the beach. Played around on the Is101 and JP Slalom 3 69L using a maxed out North RAM 5.7 - in these conditions the Is101 was faster as the JP does not like sailing tight

Despite the stonking wind, I was only able to get speeds up to 33 kts, even though there were some pretty good speed sailors out, no one was getting over 35 kts. I think that this really shows how impressive the performance of the 133 with 9.6m was the previous day
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