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kapten k
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If you dond like the blue. you can always get the wood version. considering you sailed starboard fo 10 years you wwould like the wood! I personally hate wood in a slalom board.. i liked the shape and innovation of starboard. but hated the wood construction for slalom boards. even my 1998 bic vivaces was carbon top and bottom.. dont like the glass bottom on smaller slalom boards either! i think all started using more glass since 2008 when carbon prices went up. The 2006 mantas are all carbon. but the 2008s had glass bottom. I dont mind the color at all. i buy board bases on shape construction and performance. I wish they all looked the same so my wife would not see when i change them! perfect for a 2011 to 2013 swap! just orderd a 2014 isonic 90 because that tail looks sick! i recon it will really perfom as a light wind speedboard also!
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