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Hi Sean and happy new year!

I now got the Overdrive 8.6. Yesterday when I went to the beach and found the wind to light for freestyle I rigged my usual SCR 7.8, but hitting the water it was to small. Then I rigged the Overdrive and had a blast. The sail feels so light and glides so nice. Even slogging it feels small and at the turns it is so easy moving around that I find myself going for heli-tacks. Not that they work that good with the cam rotation, but the sail kind of foul me into thinking it is the most natural thing to do.

Compared to the Overdrive the SCR feels like a stone when I am not fully powered. Planing along with little power is hard physical work with the SCR just to hold it up forward. It first comes to its own with lots of power.

Coming home after sailing yesterday I decided it is was time to split with the SCR and sell it to some other wannabe pro. I have now ordered a NCX 7.0 to compliment my Overdrive 8.6. I am so looking forward to having fun with that sail on the 110.

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