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Thanks Alan for your feedback, did the standard 38cm fin work ok with the 7.5m too?

I do use the 8.6m mainly with the Ultrasonic but when I am maxed out the board gets very flighty so if the wind is patchy and I am on and off the plane on my 7.5 I put the 8.6 on the JP and it works well. I do like to have an overlap with boards and sails so that each size sail will work on a different board depending on conditions. Obviously there is the 110 isonic for when conditions are flat I could use the 7.5 with this board?

So my question is what board should I get to sit in-between the Ultrasonic and 110 AtomIQ to use with 8.6m & 7.5m twin cam sails?

110 Isonic?
117 Isonic?
Or stick with the 120 odd litre freerace board?
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