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Hi Matt,

I have changed my 2009 133 for a 2013 127....hoping it is just as good. Your observations are interesting. Yes the 52 fin is much too big. I use a 49 select most of the time changing to a 46 Choco with smaller sails. Re early planning.....there is a very specific technique on this board. It has 2 planing flats and you can use the first to get going then raise it up on the fin/rear flat. To do this you have to point a long way down wind and keep the board totally flat rail to rail ( even if the board looks flat to you, chances are you are weighting the windward rail!). Then one or two pumps wil make the board you say there is then no intermediate you need to get in the straps quick! The most amazing thing about this board is that it naturally flies upwind as its preferred course but if you push it off the wind the acceleration is amazing. Re gybing, it needs lots of power to do a complete planning exit...and you are right, you need to focus on only turning 90 degrees or you will stall/backwind......the remainder of the gybe is bringing the board back from a very broad reach.
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