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Default MFC / Sonntag fins for Is110

Looking for new fins for my Is110: Currently I have a Select S12 43cm and Deboichet SL3 40cm. I weigh 87kg and sail board with North WARP F2013 8.6, 7.8 and 7.0 - The Select is too big for the 7.8, and the Deb SL3 is too small, unless sailing very broad

I am considering MFC, either RC-2 or KP-RC 42cm and 40cm, are these recommended for the IS110. The KP-RC is a bit cheaper than the RC-2, how do these fins compare?

I am also interested in Sonntag fins, I am looking at the SL-3 possibly 43 cm and 40cm anyone used these? The Sonntag fin is one and a half times the price of the KP-RC, is it worth spending the extra?


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