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Originally Posted by joe_windsurfer View Post
Sean: What are you using in those light winds and how much do you weigh?

As an average joe windsurfer of 100 kilos, in those winds i use a FreeFormula with 170 litres and a 10m sail.
I cannot imagine myself out on 110 with an 8.6 sail even
I am 80kg at the moment! ... sure, a 110 and 8.6 is working for me but you will need a bigger board, definitely. I was recommending the above for 'Carve' who is 72kg ...

For yourself, the best performance in <12 knots, a 130 and 9.5/10 would be ideal. Basically what you have with the 10m/FF setup. The FF's have a much wider tail than an iSonic so would get planing earlier but are not as maneouvrable in the gybes - they sail a bit more like a formula board than a slalom board. But it will get you out there ...

If you got a few more knots you could get out on the 8.6m I think. But more like 16 knots and above not 12-14 ... I find the slightly smaller sail gets planing about the same time as the bigger one but doesn't quite hold it in the lulls ...

FYI the top riders on Starboard at around 100kg (Menegatti, Van der Steen etc) were using 130 and 9.5m in winds <10 knots and were able to plane on the PWA last year...albeit with quite a bit of pumping! But possible.
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