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Hi Rod, Yes that is a good sail size 8.4m and is my max for the HS111 in a twin cam sail. My main is 7.2m four cam sail then down to a 5.8m four cam sail also used on the smaller board. The HS likes cam sails with smaller than usual fins. [Further thoughts] however for a few seasons I ran a free ride 7.5m sail like the older RAF kind where the battens rotated about the mast and that worked quite well and its lighter weight was really appreciated. With the 8.4 am running 42cm fin, using 34cm with the 7.2 then 34cm for the 5.8m until the board starts to tram line in the gybes I will change down to 29cm. I set the mast track to suit but will bring it forward when there is evidence of tail walking. But this is just what works with my gear combo.

The settings may well be different for your weight and different combos. I am 63kg when dry which is not often when I am WS. The earlier forum posts you are after had the recommended range of settings by the factory riders so they are well worth tracking down.

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