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matthew spooner
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I have now had my Starboard quiver for a few months, and will be doing a write-up of my impressions. Would be great to get your input too.

I am not saying that the IS133 is slow to get onto the plane, infact I was out on Boxing day in glorious sun and 10 to 15 kts of wind. The issue I had is that there is no "in between" stage between non planing and full on in the straps planing - In sub planing conditions this board is a pig, it dives the nose and luffs upwind. However, as soon as there is a puff of wind, you need to point the board downwind, stand at the back of the board, give it a couple of pumps and it is off. For me, the board would be much nicer if it was a little longer and had 5 to 10 litres more in the nose. On the positive side, the short length and thin nose means that this board is still controllable with a 7.8 and 20 kts of wind, even when choppy
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