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And then last but not least, why would you even bother about a 7.8 in 20 knots ? Then you're already a long time on you're IS110 not ? I often start off with my 8.8 sail on the US and when it gets too tough, i just swap the board for the IS122(IS110). That works wonderfully.

.... That is why I have decided to replace the Is133, it is too close to the IS110. As soon as the 8.6 is well powered up, I am onto it. It is possible to race competetively on an Is127 and an Is101 (9.6, 8.6 and 7.8 on the Is127; 7.0, 6.3 and 5.7 on an Is101).... however, the Is110 is such a fabulous board

I might try a US
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