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Default Is 110 ( 2013) first outing

I had the chance to try out my new Is 110 yesterday. I teamed it with a 7m North RAM and 41cm Select S1 fin. The conditions initially were bft4/5 but built to bft5/6 and the water was pretty not really ideal for an initial run! I decided to stick with it though just to see what it could handle. Overall I was very impressed. Considering I have not yet found an ideal set up, the board handled everything thrown at it and had plenty of speed potential. I managed a max of just over 26knots which I could have easily beaten if I had found a more comfortable set up earlier in the day. I expect to be using this board at somewhat lower wind strengths and calmer water but for the moment the fin type/size seems good and trim seems best with the mast foot c 2cm behind the centre mark on the track ( with my 7m at least) which lifts the nose a little. At least I know if the wind picks up well beyond forecast whilst I am out there, the board can handle it no problem.
If it were not a case of wanting to give the 110 a good test I would normally be on my 107 in those conditions.
I am curious now to try more marginal conditions with the same sail ( albeit set for more power. I suspect my 43 Select s12 fin would be better in those conditions and the mast track back in the centre time maybe.
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