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Waterloo has a 12' 2" Windsup.....not really a windsurfing board at all.
Starboard 2014 Windsurf catalogue describes this board as the "halo model" for 2014!!! - so I am hoping it really is a windsurfing board after all

I think this concept has a lot of potential, definitely ticks the light wind "planing feel".

Almost feels like it has two planing thresholds though - that first light wind "planing feel" but as wind picks up board speed picks up to a degree (tops out at about 17knots board speed) but then seems like it needs/wants a bit more to release in a traditional planing sense - so I am wondering how sensitive to mast position etc this is?

Joe, have modern race board, ultra wide slalom etc, they require big heavyish rig which reduces the enjoyment at marginal conditions (I also need to use a weed fin) - the 12'2 Freeride is a totally different concept - planning "feel" with a very lightweight 8.0m rig for my 100kg+ while kites still on the beach. Once the kites get going though, looking to match their pace at 20-22knots...

Soo, anyone out there spent some time on one of these? Remi...Tiesda...?

Again, great concept, looking to maximise its potential, that's all.

PS Remi, has a lightweight version of this been tested? impact on performance?

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