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kapten k
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I have the 110 and 127, but only sailed the 110 twice since i just got it. The 110 feels a lot smaller than the 127. I have 9.5 and 7.9 vapors.
I dont know yet if i feel the 127 and 110 is too close.. Both feel great. but the 127 is alot stiffer to gybe than the 110. The 127 stars feeling big pretty soon with 7.9 so i dont like that combo. i used the 7.9 on a97, and if the the wind died, i took the 127. I sold the 97 and got a 110 and a 90...
You wont get more range out of a 137 over the 127 if youre not 100kg+
The step up to a formula board is better if you really what light wind performance, but when im not planing on a 127 and 9.5 there is no wind...
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