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Default Cutting a carbon boom

Originally Posted by shinobi View Post
Hi Carlos,

I've cut down a blue HPL carbon boom so that it could fit my 8.5 sail.
Cutting down the boom was not a problem at all but the fitting of the double push pin was a bit more tricky. Drilling the wholes is not the deal but the diameter of the boom arms where slightly smaller and I had some not so fun time trimming it down.


I may have to cut, too, a a 220-280 carbon boom, but only by 20 cm at most to fit a 7.5 sail and a 6.5 sail . As I see it, it will be the inner sleeve to be cut, at the very end , so I cannot see where the problem is with the fitting of the double push pin. This fitting and the retaining clip are on the outer tube, which is not the one to be cut. Cutting 20 cm from the end of the inner sleeve , even if it means eliminating a few holes, won't be a problem to me because I am getting this carbon boom as a special deal, but I'll NEVER EVER need to use it to the maximum extension of 280 cm.

Maybe there is something I am missing. Any comments?
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