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Default Cutting a boom

Originally Posted by mark h View Post
Hi Ittiandro

Not sure what you mean by "inner tube"' but if you are shortening a boom, you will be cutting the arms shorter, this means you will need two new clip assemblies. Sometimes you can get the old clips off, but it's usually better to make sure that you have a pair off spar clips. Unless it's a Fiberspar boom, you would need to drill new holes for the located pins.
Not sure what you mean by "inner tube"' [/QUOTE]

Any adjustable boom assembly is made of two telescopic U-shaped sections sliding into one another: one ( the outer one) ends with the clamp which connects to the mast and has a retaining ( or locking) clip at the end of each of the two arms. Then there is another smaller diameter section, also ending with two arms ( with holes) each one sliding into the arms of the main section.This is the adjustable or extensible part, which I call " inner tube" and is fully removable".
The point I was trying to make is that, if I slide out the extensible part, I can't see anything at the end of the two arms ( except perhaps a protective rubber or plastic trim around it ) that prevents me from cutting the arms to the required length, repositioning the above plastic trims and then re-assembling the boom. There is no other mechanism, clip or other at the ends of this inner section, requiring re-adjustments or re-working after cutting the arms, as would be the case if I were to cut the main outer section, because this has, indeed, the locking clips. But why would I have to cut this section?
Perhaps, again, there is something I am missing. Any comments?


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