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kapten k
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I had the Hypersonic 133 wood The board is amazing upwind and gybes really well.
I mostly used a 8.2 vapor on it and a 32cm weedfin, the bottom gives it lots of grip so i sailed with a 24cm weed fin in shallow water with 8.2
Dont overfin the bard. it just makes it slower. I tried anything between 7.2 and 10.8 on mine, The board is best with a 8m sail. Itīs controllable with smaller sails, but then you could be on a smaller slalom board and go faster. The only drawbacks of the board was that to start planing you had to point it WAY downwind and pump hard! But as soon as it got going, it felt like a rocketship flying over the water. Also Going deep down on runs, it was kind of sticky and slow. Compared to newer isonics itīs slower downwind and in big heavy chop. But on short steep chop across and upwind its very fast. But on flatter water its slower than other slalom boards. Its a very different feel and stance, It feels like a small formula and somedays it was great and other days it was just average. Sometimes i really miss mine, and iīm sad i never tried the original 105l Hypersonic.
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