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Originally Posted by James View Post
So it planes early but seems to max out at a certain speed?

Yes, this is the case so far.

I think the 12'2 has slightly unconventional design parameters so I am interested in *B feedback as it was touted as their "halo model" for 2014.

The daggerboard relationship to the mast position is much different than conventional and the daggerboard is actually quite flexible and operates, I suspect, similarly to a large formula fin. So when the board gets up to a 'planing feel' it doesn't necessarily rail up on the daggerboard as speed increases I feel that the daggerboard increase its flex.

I have to again re-iterate that this board is not designed as a high wind blaster but rather a board that is better suited to what we conventionally think of as just sub-planning conditions i.e. gets us going with a smile while other gear does not - and this it does very well but I expected it would also plane of the fin alone.

Getting up and planning off the fin (US Box so max fin size is limited - the weed fin I use is the largest area of any US box fin) seems a different proposition though and I have tried a combination of fin sizes/styles and mast positions (there are three positions) and it just seems to not want to release - this may of course be rocker-related.

I think with a bit of refinement this type of board has a big future, but I'm not just ready to sell the race board just yet.
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