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Sorry for my misunderstanding about 377 L/377 and 295L/295.

So if I'm correct, you're looking for such a daggerboard pusher/stomp pad :

Make sure you have 2 holes on each side of the daggerboard pit to screw the daggerboard pusher/stomp pad on your 2014 377 Phantom hull as shown on the left picture above.
If you do have the holes indeed, then you can order the spare part (make sure to get the "A-type" for 377 and not the "H-type" for 295).
If you do not see the holes, then make sure they are not covered by the white footpad (probe the presence of the holes with a needle through the footpad).

If no holes at all, then you're kind of stuck, sorry. I don't have the slighest idea why there are holes on the 2014 377 L hull but no holes on the 2014 377 hull to screw a daggerboard pusher/stomp pad. This sounds weird to me and I'll let Rémi or somebody else more knowledgeable than me to chime in for a final explanation.

Hope this really helps you.

Cheers !


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