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Default RE: What Evo to partner an Evo 74 ?

Im not the team but this is what I can share about my 2004 evo 92. Im 80kg and use it with a 6.1 wave sail and 24cm fin. This combo allows me to go wave sailing when no one is out because of the light winds. If your goal is to wave sail or get planing in really light winds a 90 evo might be the ticket, especially given your weight. You will lose some looseness with a big set up, but I think it's worth it for what you get. You'll be able to catch waves that you normally can't on a smaller board and the width of the tail pops you over heavy whitewater comfortably. And if you're on this gear it's likely there won't be many others out so no crowds. If other wave sailors are out, you could be the last guy planing.
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