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Default RE: What Evo to partner an Evo 74 ?

Last year I had the Evo 74 (2006) and the Evo 80 (2005) accompanied by a 105 liter waveboard. This worked for me very well. I weighed 84 kg. at the time and sail on the Dutch North Sea. Depending on how gusty the wind was I would use either the 74 or 80 for 5.3 (the more consistent the wind I would use the 74) With these two boards I covered 3.7 - 5.8 (6.0 would have been possible without a doubt). I had some very nice sessions in about 16 knots wind, schlogging out (the E80 is very good at that) and picking up waves. I used a slightly bigger fin for this (MFC Goya On shore 22,9 cm). Having sailed the E83 I would say this board is even better than my E80.
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