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Default Carve 121 or 131 for my girlfriend? (or: width vs. volume)

Hi all

Congratulation to the plug-and-play characteristics of your Starboard Carve Boards!

My girlfriend uses a 2011 Carve 131 Wood since 4 years now. It’s a perfect match (size, easy control, easy to sail). So why replacing it? Since she is often surfing slightly underpowered (she doesn’t like bigger sails) I would like to provide her with a board that planes better - sometimes there is not much missing, maybe 1 or 2 knots. The idea is to replace the board with a 2014 Carbon model – a Carve 121 or a Carve 131.

The Carve boards got wider and the question is: board decision based on volume or width? Is the 2011 Carve 131 (71cm wide) comparable to the 2014 Carve 131 (75.5cm wide) or the 2014 Carve 121 (72.5cm wide)?

I think my girlfriend could manage a tiny little step forward towards a more sportive (smaller) board, but the step should be very small and hardly noticeable. She still needs the stabilty for manœuvres (but not the volume - she is very light) and she needs easy control when the wind is picking up. But I would like to avoid that the new board feels bulkier.

By the way: Has the 2014 Carve Carbon boards 2 or 3 plugin rows for the footstraps? My girlfriend needs the "third" row now - the very inside and in the front position.

I‘m looking forward for your feedback … and for the extra smile of my girlfriend coming back from the water with her new board.

Thanks ... and cheers from Switzerland
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