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Hi mcross19

Thanks ... and it't true: The AtomIQ is a board to have on the list in this case. To be honest: I have no imagination how the board feels on the water and it's unpredictable how the board fits the taste and the windsurfing skills of my girlfriend. Maybe the AtomIQ is better than the Carve in every discipline for skilled Windsurfers. I'm sure we will test the AtomIQ somewhere somewhen to find out. In the meantime we will stick to an approved type of board. And yes, I've seen the variety of the footstrap positions of the AtomIQ on the beach recently.

Assuming the board description on the Starboard website is true (the subsite "Position in the range" is great) it's a clear choice: "... the Atom IQs are more maneuverable and aggressive with a free and lively planing. The Carves are more user-friendly, with a passive planing that doesn’t require much input from the rider ..." My girlfriend isn't ready for a more lively board - she will be on the safer side with the calm and constant planing position of the Carve. But maybe I'm wrong ...

Cheers, Andy
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