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Hello Remi,
i have a Formula Experience 160 liter board, but i am not looking to compete, just to have fun out there in light wind days, as for hi wind days i have a smaller sail for that board. My sailing is more going into a reach, tack and get back to the beach. I weight aprox 65 kgs. I sail mostly in very flat water (type like a lagoon of salt water) and stable winds. I have experience sailing with cambered sails but some people recommend me to go to non-cambered Convert sail to fit more my free rider style, rig easier, lesser weight, more fun. And some people told me that i need cambers as if not in the lulls of light wind (10-15 knots) a free ride sail won't work for me very good so i need cambers to feel more stable sail when sailing. In case this choice, they recommend me the Formula Experience One Design 8.5 instead as this is the other 8.5 in stock in the local shop.

So, between this two choices Convert vs FE OD, i am not sure which one to choose for me...
thanks for your help!
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