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Default RE: Is Starboard F-type good for me?

While personally I would advocate the planing side of things based on my focus and relative opportunities in the sport, I wouldn't be so hasty to not recognize the realities of other windsurfing interests overall. So many folks like the spirit of windsurfing, but don't always have the conditions that many of us like to consider as our minimums. The beauty of today's market offerings is that everybody has an avenue to leverage off of. Really, the driving idea is to improve participation and interest overall, especially in the seeds and opportunity that family participitation might provide in less optimum conditions (the classic summer vacation). Varied market concepts accomplish this result so well these days with different sized board concepts, whether you're a sailor looking to take advantage of real light winds, or as more heavyweight sailor needing a slighty different strategy that really works.

In reality, I wouldn't be so quick to blowoff another folk's opportunities. It must be remembered that fun is truly relative. The bar doesn't have to be too high to creat interest and fun. Isn't that what it's about?
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