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Hmmmmmmm who the heck wants to do slalom in <10 knots? It's just abysmal...

What would be really cool is a return to the course racing days; keep the format 6/3 and sailors can choose to register a formula board as their lightwind board and we do upwind course racing in light winds. All the legends grew up with course racing and are still good at it - Finian, Micah, Benny, Jimmy, Steve, Gonz, Arnon, Ross, Antoine etc etc so I don't see it as a disadvantage to anyone. Could even let the sailors choose what sails they want to register (maybe 2 formula sails + 4 slalom, or 1 formula sail + 5 slalom; make the sail choice for the year really interesting).

I couldn't think of anything worse than having to compete against the big guys on 95cm slalom boards where I will take the 80cm because I'm 80kg and I won't hang on to a 95cm if it gets windy then at the same time go and throw any 85cm board ever made in to the TRASH because they don't have resale value anymore as we invent (yet another) board width class...arghh.

All this being said I wonder if he have a few windy events in a row, Fuerte/Turkey/Sylt/La Torche/New Caledonia then everyone will have totally forgotten this whole conversation ........... ?
Sean, with respect, slalom in less than 10 knots may be boring for you, but I don't think that the general state of windsurfing/PWA is in a position to cherry pick events so that slalom can always be sailed in strong winds.
You bring a good point about course racing, its where it all started. In lighter winds, "big slalom boards" can race up and down wind. Formula has developed to an extreme of this discipline, but no reason why an upwind/slalom down wind cant be raced on max 95 wide boards. Regulations could limit sail size to 10m as it is now, max width and if necessary tail width to keep the boards related to current slalom boards.
1 course board, 2 slalom boards with discipline being decided on wind conditions(including consistency of the wind) course adjusted tighter for lighter wind days
The light wind issues will never go away until something is done about it, PWA needs events that can be run successfully in 8 knots and above
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