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Hugh Jarmes
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Default RE: Anybody try the Apollo Yet?

I will be getting my new Apollo next week.

I hope to be trying it out as soon as possible but it is currently pretty cold and windless in the UK

Nevertheless as soon as there is enough wind and the air temp gets close to 10 I will be out.

Testing will be against my current 160 and my old x-186 (still the best early-planing FW board made by SB in my opinion) I will be using 12.5 (Windwing) 11.6, 9.8 (RS5) and perhaps 9 or 8.5 (Neutrons).

I will also try and compare the 75cm stock fin with my 70cm Deb R13 +8

I am 185cm and 95kg (and feeling my age)

Watch this space
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