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Default RE: What Evo to partner an Evo 74 ?

Surfmeister, I see you're in Gothenburg. We could probably arrange it so you could have a go at my E80 before deciding. With the 104 in the quiver, the 80 indeed seems like the logical choice. It will be a super allround board for you.

As for 80 vs 83, the 83 does have a flatter rocker and actually a totally different bottom layout overall. I would say it handles sails around 6.0 a bit better than the 80. The 80 takes some more punch to get going with these big sails, but on the other hand, once powered up, the 80 rides crisper. The thing that will make the 80 outstanding is that it handles sail power better. Where you sail (Swedish west coast, I assume) this will make a difference since you often have to sail well powered up go get enough drive for riding the mushy waves. For underpowered 6.0 mushy x-on you can tune the 80 with a bigger fin anyway.
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